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Handbook State Policy Convening Series

As our nation becomes more ethnoracially diverse, calls for increasing the need for Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers (TOCIT) have become commonplace in educational discourse for addressing teacher quality and student achievement. The recently published Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers provides important research and policy directives by synthesizing key lessons from past research, making sense of outcomes from current research, and charting directions for future research. One obstacle to using scholarship projects like the Handbook to inform practice is that scholars give significantly less diligent attention to how research can guide decision making for practitioners and policymakers (Darling-Hamnond & Sykes, 1999). Further, in traditional policy spaces, the voices of those most impacted by the research are frequently marginalized, since policy intermediaries rely heavily on pre-existing relations with a small group of well-informed and resourced groups (Horsford et al., 2018).

Our project aims to bridge the research, policy and practice divide by organizing, coordinating and aligning a diverse community of stakeholders (i.e., educators, school leaders, policy makers, students and parents) across silos committed to and invested in educator diversity. To take up this endeavor, we are organizing five state policy convenings (Texas, California, Ohio, New York, and North Dakota) that draw from the Handbook’s research and policy directives. We plan to organize this community through the intentional and strategic curation of agenda setting activities that advance field-level knowledge and practice by: (a) creating state level listening and learning series with key state policymakers in partnership with teacher, parent, student, and community stakeholders; (b) developing dissemination/engagement products (e.g., podcasts series, praxis briefs and educator testimony archive) generated for, by and with stakeholders; and (c) launching a social media campaign alongside the state level convening series to curate community-based advocacy networks dedicated to educator diversity.

2024 Handbook State Policy Convening Dates

  • January 27, 2024 – Houston, Texas
  • February 24, 2024 – Berkeley, California
  • May 4, 2024 – New York, NY
  • July 22-23 – National Summit – Washington, DC

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