Community Teacher Equity Development (CTED) Program

What is CTED?

The Community Teacher Equity Development (CTED) program collaborates with school districts and organizations to assist a diverse range of paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, school staff, parents, and community members in becoming certified teachers. This program is dedicated to preparing educators who are committed to:

  • Delivering effective education to K-12 students across various cultural backgrounds.
  • Engaging constructively with parents and guardians.
  • Contributing long-term to local school communities and the teaching profession.
Through responsive and tailored co-teaching and mentorship support, the program creates an environment where educators can collaboratively learn and grow. CTED stands as a testament to our commitment to the growth, and we are pleased to report that more than 50 CTED fellows are currently enrolled or have graduated across our partner districts.

How does CTED support Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers?

  • CTED provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for aspiring educators, focusing on the growth and development of teaching competencies relevant to a diverse classroom setting.
  • The program offers tailored support to enhance the psycho-social and emotional well-being of educators, particularly those working in challenging environments.
  • It develops strategies for coping with professional challenges and building resilience.
  • CTED fosters a community of practice through mentorship and co-teaching opportunities, benefiting all novice educators with responsive and individualized support.

Who does CTED recruit?

CTED welcomes aspiring educators who are:

  • Eager to embrace practices that enhance educational outcomes for all students, with a focus on addressing the challenges in under-resourced and underserved schools.
  • Interested in pursuing certification through innovative pathways, including a Grow-Your-Own alternative route or a 15-month undergraduate residency program offered by the University of Houston College of Education.

Who does CTED recruit?

The CTED Program recruits teachers of Color and Indigenous teachers who are committed to:

  • Equity practices and advancing educational justice for marginalized students
  • Work in under-resourced and under-staffed schools
  • Be alternatively certified through a Grow-Your- Own alternative route to teaching or a 15-month undergraduate residency program by the University of Houston College of Education

Greater Houston area teachers interested in applying to the CTED Program can contact:

Who are CTED’s partners?

  • The program has partnerships with Aldine ISD, Alief ISD, Houston ISD, Spring ISD and the Houston Federation of Teachers as of 2023.
  • Districts interested in learning more about CTED, please contact us at:
The Winter 2024 application window is now open! Please click here for more information and to access the application. Applications will close on February 23, 2024.