Diversifying the Educator Workforce


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Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers

Edited by Conra D. Gist and Travis J. Bristol

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Goal #1

Knowledge Generation

NCRED serves as the institutional home for the generation of knowledge grounded in evidence-based outcomes, and for subsequent educator diversity knowledge projects that will be published.

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Goal #2

Dissemination of Evidence-base

NCRED facilitates the dissemination of research and practitioner scholarship across a wide range of researchers, scholars, and practitioners.
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Goal #3

Applied Research in Praxis

NCRED operates as an organizing hub for innovative research practice partnerships (RPPs) committed to educator diversity that will be launched in other regions in the United States.
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We’re focused on highlighting the injustices within the educational system to improve academic and social outcomes for all students by increasing teacher diversity.

Let the research speak for itself

Understand the key issues and obstacles to ethnic and racial diversity in the teaching ranks such as recruitment and retention, professional development and the role of minority-serving institutions by downloading our handbook.


Growing and supporting a diverse teaching workforce is critical to advancing student success. Several projects led by Conra Gist, an associate professor at the University of Houston College of Education, are designed to address and inform these timely issues around educator diversity. The goal is to recruit, support, and retain an ethnoracially diverse educator workforce. Learn more about these projects at: https://kappanonline.org/ethnoracially-diverse-teaching-force-research-policy-practice/